Cable Holder

Get creative with you minifigures!

Problems in differentiating the different cables on same colors? Problem solve! Use your minifigures! Surprise, surprise… Quiet amazing right? You can also use it as cord holder and it is perfectly fit with Samsung or Apple Lightning cable and other types of cables. I’m just tried it myself and for a moment, my little Storm trooper was holding my Samsung charger cord and Darth Vader holding apple lightning cable. Awesome? Who knew, right?



Want to get more creative? You can try these ideas below. The other ideas involves by sticking a LEGO compatible plate (or brick, which one you prefer) to side of the desk and attaching favourites minifigures at it.  Then, you got yourself a unique cable management solution. Pretty nice, huh? Yeah. I think this is so cool. This is way too cute!

If you like the idea that I show you above, you can buy some Lego compatible Star Wars series mini-figures here.



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