Iron Man 3 Hall of Armor

Iron Man 3 Hall of Armor using SY213



The original assemble of SY213.

By using set from SY213 you can re-create Tony Stark’s Hall of Armor with the Hall of Armor Collection. With additional of 2 sets and extra minifigures, this Hall of Armor looks amazing and superb!!!. In this set, The Creator customized the re armor with new shiny silver color (4th from left and replace with War Machine minifigures). Mark 16 (black) also was added to complete the super six Hall of Armor Collection. Now we have six different Iron Man figures with different suits of armors.

P1070815From left, Mark 16,Mark 45,Rubber Ducky, War machine (gun had been removed to fit new armor), Mark 43, Iron Legion and also includes Tony Stark figures with lower part already assembled with iron man suit (Mark 42). The creator try to mimics the movie poster above, however did not have enough set as required. Only 6 sets out of seven. 😦

There is also the Tony Stark’s working desk with extra face armors and tools. Next, the robot (forgot what its name) was taken from SY305 set. Check out the gallery below to see more in different angle and view.

I hope this will give you an idea on how you want to ‘architect’ your own Hall of Armor. Do not forget, get creative now and sky is the limit! Cheer up and buy some bricks.:) Buy SY213 here.




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