Iron Man Hulkbuster SY357

Iron Man Hulkbuster SY357

SY357 Iron Man Hulkbuster RM42+RM10 (E.Msia RM14 Postage)
SY357 Iron Man Hulkbuster

We usually did not do any review on unboxed bricks set. However, this time it is an exceptional for set SY357 Hulkbuster. The set contain of 281 pieces of bricks where it will be a nice hulkbuster set for us who have a very high expectation.


For the first time for Sheng Yuan brand (through my experience) , we found that there’s a small mistake with the product. During the assembling process for Hulkbuster, we found out that the hinge (ID no. 4593555) for the hand (we do not know the exact name of this part, and assume it is a hinge) parts was wrong where the hinge is not the correct hinge (smaller and with different design), so the left hand of the Hulkbuster cannot be attached to the main body. It was a major blow for us, since that hinge is an important part. Without it, our Hulkbuster will be incomplete and look disaster 😦 without its hand. Refer picture below, the defects part.P1070934

In the picture above, i share with you the image of the black hinge (the defect) and it needs to be replaced in order to solve the problem and complete my mission. Based on LEGO database, it is difficult to find the hinge due to most of the LEGO parts supplier are from United States and it seems that it is quite  impossible for me to find it. The shipping cost will be expensive and might as well if I buy a new set of SY357 rather than spending that much for its shipping cost only for a hinge.

The comparison between the defect and the normal hinge. The upper hinge is the defect and unusable. The below parts are the normal hinge.

Luckily I remember that there is a possibility that the LEGO Bionicle set might have the part that I need. Maybe I can solve this matter if I manage to find the hinge that I need because the LEGO Bionicles set usually designed with a lot of hinge parts where I may use the set as the spare parts. Now, we have more hinges as spare parts. Currently, one of my customer also having the same problem, with defect hinge. With extra hinge, we are glad to solve their problem since we still have more hinges.


For those who are buying the SY357 and if you guys are facing the same problem, especially for those who are looking for hinge parts , do not hesitate to contact us. The hinge is in limited stock.



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