Throne of Ultron

MOC Throne of Ultron 

LEGO Marvel Throne of Ultron SDCC 2015

On the previous San Diego Comic Con 2015, LEGO has been revealed and sold the exclusive for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Age of Ultron which is called the Throne of Ultron set. The set details a baddie atop his Sokovian throne along with 3 Sentry bots. Those three Sentry minifigures and Ultimate Ultron minifigures are available in other Age of Ultron LEGO sets (bootlegs SY275 &SY276). For these sets, the new “exclusive” here is the additional of throne itself since the minifigures can be gather from other sets. See picture below for SDCC Lego set Throne of Ultron packaging set.


So, while a cool little diorama, and as the collectors of Avengers maniac, I also want to show you my latest MOC. I name it Throne of Ultron 2.0. Gulp! 🙂 The set is, unfortunately, nothing that special, as the idea and design of throne are based of the set above. I wanting to recreate this set, but I prefer the grey color bricks and because I really do not like the (light brown color). The challenge is, some parts are somewhat rare due using Lego compatible bricks, so i’m using any extra part available in my storage.

Ultron Throne 3

From left, the Ultron minifigures includes Ultron Sentry Officer, Ultron (comic Variant), Ultron Sentry, Ultron Prime, and Ultron Mark 1.

The comparison between the SDCC Lego set and my MOC

Throne of Ultron

For those who are interested to recreate these sets and find a problem to find Ultron minifigures loose set, you can buy here. For additional picture, you can see below.

For more details and further instruction from Original LEGO SDCC set, see more at:



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