Guardian of The Galaxy Minifigures Set

Guardian of The Galaxy Minifigures Set


Previously, MARVELS has come out with another movie based on comic book, which is The Guardian of The Galaxy. The genre includes actions, comedy and romantic which make the movie so fun to watch as well as their interesting characters. The  Guardians which includes The Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Drax The Destroyer, and Groot. They retrieve the treasures and equipment  and need to uncloak the evil Ronan and save the galaxy. I do not know whether the GOTG characters so popular and do have a  lots of fans as many as Star Wars or Avengers. However, for me GOTG has a lot to offer since I love their characters  including their villains.

The minifigures from original Lego
The minifigures from original Lego

I really do like the characters, and decided to collect all of the minifigures from GOTG movie. Unfortunately, for those who are looking only for lego compatibles bricks, especially from SY, there are only two sets available which are SY257 (minifigures) and SY326 Rocket Raccon’s Warbird set based on COMCON Rocket Raccoon’s Warbird. Other characters must buy separately from other set.

For SY257 set, it provides 8 minifigures in one set namely Star Lord, Drax, Gamora, Rocket Raccon, The Sakaaran, Groot, Nova Corps Officer and Ronan The Accuser.

Guardian of Galaxy 1
Gamora, Drax The Destroyer, Rocket Raccon, Star Lord and Groot from SY brands.
Guardian of Galaxy 4
Only Nebula minifigure can be get from Decool 0176.
Guardian of Galaxy 3
In addition, the big Groot (left) can be get from Decool 0198.
Guardian of Galaxy 5
Additional characters, The Galactus and Supernova (based on comic books).

I also include another two characters that related to GOTG themes (based on comic books), The Galactus and Supernova which can be get from SY258. I also bought extra Nova officers.

Guardian of Galaxy 6
SY257 Rocket Raccon Minifigures set (left) and from SY326 Rocket Raccon’s Warbird (right).

Lastly, additional Rocket Raccoon minifigure that I got from SY326 Rocket Raccon’s Warbird set. The last character that is also important is the Collector from SY brand minifigures set which  also sold separately in other set from SY266 (read more at The Collector’s Room post).

The Groot from LEGO.

However, I’m still waiting for the another copycat for Groot design from Lego as picture above and hope that Sheng Yuan can copy it. It might come in one set with Knowhere Escape Mission. I do have an option to buy BELA brand, but I do not prefer due to the BELA printing is so poor for me. So, I will just wait to add up to my collections. So, as mentioned above, this is currently my own lego minifigures compatible collections for GOTG themes. To buy Guardian of The Galaxy, you may click here.



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