Guardian of the Galaxy MOC Sets

Guardian of The Galaxy MOC Sets

GOTG-Logo Lego had issued several LEGO sets based on GOTG theme. But still do not have big set such as the GOTG base, or the prisoner cell or other specific rooms for minifigures. Previous sets only focus on warship such as The Milano Spaceship, Starblaster Showdown and Knowhere Escape Mission.

Unfortunately, for those who are looking only for lego compatibles bricks, especially from SY there are only two sets available which are SY257 (minifigures) and SY326 Rocket Raccon’s Warbird set based on COMCON Rocket Raccoon’s Warbird. Currently only BELA had come out with a lot of sets based on GOTG. However, this brand is so poor and not worth as a collector.


Previously, I had made one MOC set that represents GOTG which is The Collector’s room. Click here to read more.


Okay, let we proceed to see the new MOC for GOTG set. There are fourteen minifigures (I guess I miss the Rocket Raccon minifigures from SY257 set). The details for the minifigures, you can read here.

The set built with three stages of level: ground floor, first floor and second floor. In ground floor, the area is made specifically for the guardians team to hangout. There are weapons hanging cabinet, working table and the exercise punch bags.The first floor only have little equipment due to not enough space and i want to make some rooms to put many minifigures. Second floor consists of two separated floors for Nova Corps officers’ computer area and Raccon’s Warbirds plane platform. You can view the gallery below.

I am just wondering if all the floors are possible to be connected by stairs. I think, if i manage to find the stairs to connect all the floor, it would be awesome. But now, I’m currently out of stair bricks.  Later on, if I able to get more resources, I’ll update this new upgraded MOC in this website.

If SY is able to replicate all the GOTG themes from the original lego, it would be great to have a complete set. Let us wait and see what will happen then. Can’t wait to see another set to come out. The Guardian of the Galaxy lego are super awesome. 🙂



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