Iron man Laboratory Version 3.0 Upgraded

Iron man Laboratory Version 3.0 Upgraded

Ironman Lab 6

Hi there, this post I just want to show all of you about the previous Iron man Laboratory Version 3.0 that had been charm up with additional tiles to covered up all the floor on the set. It look more tidy and perfect. I had bought bulky LEGO original tiles seems it really difficult to find the Lego compatible bricks tiles. Although it was a quite expensive, but it is worth to see a this great set had been completed.

The differences between old and after new tiles had been added.

Ironman Lab 1

The lower deck of iron man laboratory. Look neat and clean with shining tiles.

Ironman Lab 7

The upper deck. Nothing new, just the tiles had been added.

See more pictures, see gallery below. Hope you like it.

I hope this post will not disappoint all of you. The purpose is only want to show you the improvise version of Iron man Laboratory with additional tiles. Thats all, thank you for reviewing and cheer up guys!



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