MOC Ironman Armory 2.0

MOC Ironman Armory 2.0

Ironman Armory 1

In my previous post on Ironman Armory, I had come out with the armory brick design based on Iron man movie poster. For more information, you can read my previous post here. However, I still not satisfied with the design. The structure look so odd and the armory in the set only got 7 with seven mini figures. The mini figures that I use for this new design are still the same minifigures as per previous post.


Occasionally, I decided to get another additional 1 armory to make all of them 8 armory with 8 iron man suits. The problem is how to rearrange the armory in a good design. After several rearrangement, I decided to use small brick plate as a main base and try to arrange it to become like a closed room or area. So, I come out with this design. This was just a quick Hall of Armory that I did. I try to make it compact and easy for new additional armory unit if I got new resources to add more armory sets into my own collection. It might not as cool as a battle scene or other diorama but I hope you like it.

Ironman Armory 11

It would be nice if I am able to stack it above, since I have a lot of iron man mini figures. You can see the picture above that I only spare a small area so that I can put working table for Tony Stark. There are extra additional masks for repairs and particular important tools.  Finally, with some money spent, I was able to buy some parts especially the Tiles from Lego Original. After finishing the work, I can say that I’m quite impress with the result. The set looks tidy and cool.I named the new set as the iron man’s armory 2.0.

Thanks for viewing this page. I hope that you will enjoy my iron man’s armory 2.0 and be sure to check out my other creations. To create this set, you guys need:

  • 2 sets of SY213 set,
  • some parts from SY305 and
  • 1 plate size of 16x16cm.

To review the full product list for Ironman, please click here.



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