Iron Man Hulkbuster Laboratory Set

Iron Man Hulkbuster Laboratory Set

A few designs of Iron Man – Hall of armory consist of Hulkbuster. Pictures taken from

Nowadays, the Iron Man Laboratory has proven to be a very popular set as a base for MOC build since SY has offered their official version which is SY305. From the small sets such as SY303 and SY304 to the big set such as SY305, each set has its own characteristics and uniqueness.

From my previous post, I had able to reproduce Iron Man laboratory 3.0 consist of 38 minifigures. It is a big set and required a combination of several sets. Click here to read more. But still, there are still not many designs that can include hulkbuster in the set. There are some designs from other creators that able to produce and create amazing sets. See picture above.

Hulkbuster Lab 6

Now, after several designs had been reviewed, I had decided to come out with my new version of the Hulkbuster Laboratory and it is amazing after I complete it. What do you think? 🙂 I tried to minimize the use of bricks and but it did not tolerate with the charm of the set. Nonetheless, I tried to make sure that other people will be able to reproduce the same set or at least may give them ideas on how to create a diorama for Veronica to make sure it will blend in the customized set.

Hulkbuster Lab 25

Designed with 2 storeys of SY213 armory set, of which stores 8 units of Iron Man suits, and one Hulkbuster maintenance set,  this build has to be one of the most difficult to build. Basically, this set is an upgrade from MOC Ironman Armory 2.0, click here to read more. To reduce the use of bricks, I’m using small plate with additional tiles as the wall for Hukbuster. Then, I combines two plates for the floor and two sets of SY213. Other accessories I took from my own extra parts.

 Hulkbuster maintenance sets
Hulkbuster maintenance sets
Additional spare parts and tools for maintenance.
Additional spare parts and tools for maintenance.

For full perspectives of the sets, see the gallery below.

To re-create this set above, you’ll need sets per below:

  • 2 sets of SY213 Iron Man Armory
  • 1 set of SY357 Iron Man Hulkbuster
  • 1 plate size of 16X16cm
  • 1 plate size of 25.5X12.5cm
  • Additional extra parts from 1 set of SY305 Iron Man Laboratory

To review the fulls product list, please click here.

Thank you for reviewing my post. I hope you can get some ideas on how to styling your own Hulkbuster in a set.



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