Agents of SHIELDS Headquaters

Agents of SHIELDS Headquaters

agent of shield

In the previous post, I have show the customized minifigures for Agents of SHIELD, click here to see previous post. Got a lot of people interested to buy the set and asked me where to buy it. Unfortunately, this customize set for my own collections and not for sale. I do happy with people showing their interest with my MOC bricks set.

So by moving further, I had the opportunity to produce the base for SHIELD agency based on my own imagination. This model took me about a few days to build since I keep changing the design to suit my expectation. I also do not have any reference set to refer to. So, this is totally my new design and my idea.


Coming in at one big plate, of which consist of 18 minifigures, and SHIELD eagles sculpture, this set has to be one of the most ambitious set that I have ever done so far.

Gemma Simmons’s miscellaneous biological supplies in her laboratory.

There is the room for Gemma for her biological lab. On her working table I put a lot of different ‘chemical’ portions and other stuff for her own needs (just as I imagine)  .

Fitz working near his bench.

He is still working on the Loki’s scepter, and Skye is trying to help him. She brings her own laptop to show to Fitz the information she gains from the internet.

Thanks for viewing. I hope you enjoy it. Still, the best is to create diorama based on movie or tv series for minifigures. Soon, there will be many MOC sets builds to come. Feedback are greatly appreciated and be sure to check out MOC in next post. That is pretty much about it for now, and I am still working on the other set based on Marvel movie. Thanks for looking around!


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