The X-Mansion

The X-Mansion Project

Picture above: The X-Mansion- Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.

Have you heard about X-Mansion project? The project in which to proposing a new Lego set by the creator towards the Lego company. After getting 10,000 votes, the set will have a chance to be reviewed by personnel from Lego company. Once the Lego set got the approval by Lego team, the set will be converted as Lego official project. However, this X-Mansion set failed to meet their expectation. You can read more here.

My own creation – The X-Mansion

 For me, I had come out with my own design to create the epic X-Mansion from my own imagination. The idea is slightly similar like the X-Mansion above, but I try to recreate with less bricks and with minimum cost. The colors and designs may not look alike in the movie, but the existance of X-men minifigures can bring the epic abode as the X-mansion.

This project is one of the most difficult set I ever encountered. Very difficult to build in order to make it fold-able which allow it to be opened and closed: to fold open for the play time -or to show off for the display and later can be fold back to minimize the storage space. For the details, this creation was built for three-stories X-Mansion.The set consist of three floors with the roof. I try to add another floor (to mimics the danger room in the X-Mansion project from online) but it seems that it cannot be fitted in my cabinet. So I guess I will stick with only 3 floors.

The set includes some details for the changing room for Wolverine, research room by the Beast, the Professor Xavier office, room for Jean and also cyclop. You can see pictures below for details. This is the best I can do, since I cannot offer bigger rooms for them. 😦

On the outside of the building, there is also the Jean’s attic garden. I just do not have idea on how to put the garden into the building. So, I put the garden separately.

Xmansion 344

As additional, I also put all my other customized X-Men minifigures collections in this set. In previous post, I have discussed about my customized X-men : Day of Future Past minifigures. You can read here. Other X-men characters are also included (very lazy to name all of them 🙂 ). So, there are total of 33 minifigures. I also put X-Men official transport, their jet.  For more view about this set, please browse the pictures below.

Finally, I hope this set will give you a basic idea for building your own X-Mansion. But I guess, if have enough resources, we will try to upgrade this X-Mansion set. Thank you for reviewing my website, and please do not ask me about the price of the set. It is not for sale. 🙂



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