Battlefield Defend

Battlefield Defend Falcon Commando

Army MOC 2

Here is our chance to build  an awesome battlefield or military scene that never happened. For this theme, the army has been well represented in the bricks’ form including with their precised equipment. The minifigures in this set are based on existing army camouflage pattern and their weapons are also built based on the real weapons. While fighters often get the limelight, there is no denying the fact that they can’t win the war alone. The camouflage with the blended environment and surrounding is a major factor to win a war.

In this set, there is a two-storey main building which becomes a strategy outpost. It may be from any kind of house or outpost and it is for the purpose of their actual main bases. This set is presenting 16 minifigures in their bases with order to deffend their own area.

In the matter of good vision from a higher view, the second floor is a good platform to monitor the surroundings. In order to be able to defend itself, so they had mounted one light machine gun on the roof.

Mounted heavy machine gun on in front.

Also, they had been issued of suitable equipment such as heavy machine guns, light machine gun, sniper assault M1, M16 carbine, rocket launcher, M16, pistols, grenades and knives.

Pay attention to their colouring and camouflage, and feel encouraged to make use of interesting environment or green environment. They should be fine in the blended environment (rough environment).Of course the more greenery bricks or brownish bricks will make the scene perfectly fine.

In this set, I tried to come out with new elements by using fewer bricks to represent the rough and nature condition in the battlefield and tried to use bricks in new ways. We are aiming to create a diorama in the battlefield and design the set that is suitable for army minifigures.

You might want to take a look at other view of the set. Feel free to browse the pictures below. Thank you for browsing our website.



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