Lighting Tutorial

How to build your own lighting system for your Lego Collections

Army MOC 2

Lego set with lighting system

Previously, I had been asked by some of my customers on how to put a good lighting that can be embedded on the Lego Set. They asked me, what type of good source of light that has enough brightness but at the same time does not produce a lot of heat. They even asked other questions such as where to buy, how much does it cost and how to install it.

From my experience, the best lighting for Lego is LED strip. It is easy to install, very safe and also does not produce heat that might jeopardize the Lego quality in terms of structure (melt) and color (dull).

With some modification with the LED strip, you can use it in a way that suit your Lego structure. I was able to buy LED strip around RM60 for 5 meters long with the 12VDC current. Means, it is safe. Unfortunately, you are required to use an AC to DC electric power converter so that it can be powered by our home electrical power. Otherwise, the other method is by using the car batteries.


The ‘scissor’ symbols represent the safe and correct spot to cut the LED strip.

For the LED, a 5 meters LED strip is considered too long for Lego MOC, hence, you can modify it by cutting it at you preferable length. But beware of the cutting spots, there are marks on the strip which help you identify the correct spot that you can cut without damaging your LED. Then the new wire must be installed and rewired to the main power source. Make sure the –ve and +ve are at the correct positions. To install the wire, you can use soldering options or by using a sticky rubber.

So, for the power conversion I managed to get it from my little brother (from his final year project at Univ) and used it as the main power source. If you cannot build it, you can get it online. The appliances can be called as AC to DC Power Supply.

One of the example of AC to DC specification: (Output power: 120W. Package List:1 * 12V 10A 120W Transformer. Features:Switch power supply, convert AC 110V/220V to DC 12V. Dual input voltage: AC 110V/220V)


But, if you do not want to build you own customized LED, it can also be found in a complete set with the converter but the cost is much higher and the LED strip might be too long for your Lego set. Hope this tutorial will help you. Thanks for reading!

Pictures shown are for illustration only and taken from various online selling website.






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