Avengers -The Last Battle of Ultron

Avengers – The Last Battle of Ultron


One of the most exciting scene in the Avengers, was the last battle to save the floating Sokovia city from the total devastation.

“Ultron has used the remaining vibranium to build a machine to lift a large part of the capital city skyward, intending to crash it onto the ground to cause global extinction.”

The Avengers tried to defend the city from Ultron’s army final assault. Many of the Ultrons have been diminished before able to reach the trigger point that will destroy the city. Each of the team member tried their best to defend and to avoid Ultrons from reaching the trigger point.

This scene had been expressed by lego fans with a superb diorama Lego MOC. But, the final master is so cool. Take a look at the pictures below where I managed to find a good and nice MOC. These three designs below are my favorites.

This diorama is super cool. In addition, I really like the Avengers logo that they built by using the Lego block. I’m so impressed with the structure. The most important is the ‘actions’ of the minifigures that makes the diorama looks so alive and seems like an endless fighting.

These designs are very nice and sophisticated, the structure of the building is almost the same as in the movie. Take a look at the minifigures’ actions. The effects of the laser beam help the diorama becomes more alive.

For more pictures, click here.

We at cengkihcendana also have come out with our own MOC set by using Lego compatible bricks as spare parts with affordable cost.  I guess I was  trying to replicate one of the designs above, but not as close or as sophisticated as the above designs. However, I’m still satisfied with the design. Have a look at the picture belows.


Thanks for reading. Hope all of you will like our MOC design. Click here  to see all Lego compatible Avengers series.



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