X-Men Days of Future Past Minifigures Updated

Customs X-men Day of Future Past Mini figures


Previously, we have come out with the review of MOC X-men Day of Future Past. Click here to read more.

Here, we will share about the characters that have been customized based on X-Men Day of Future Past film. Here, we have put in a good way between customized mini-figures and real characters. On the picture, we can see the similarities between the real characters and the mini-figures that are really awesome which is can make your love it. At the same time, some of the customs MOC X-men mini-figures in website are very rarely to find it since not so much fans build it.

To do that, we have been collecting specific mini-figures especially from X-Men genre and customized it to look as real character based on film. We feels so proud and happy because finally with our hard work, we have completed our customize MOC X-men Day of Future Past mini-figures.


From left; Colossus, Blink, Quicksilver, Rogue, Iceman, Charles Xavier, Magneto, Wolverine, Eric Lehnsherr, Mystique, Professor X, Storm, Shadowcat, Warpath and Bishop. Opps! We miss the Sunspot mini-figures.

So, have a look at our customs mini-figures in details for each characters. To view more, click to enlarge the picture.



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