The Spasskaya Tower Of Moscow Kremlin

The Spasskaya Tower Of Moscow Kremlin

The Spasskaya Tower in Russian it is also called as Спасская башня, translated as “Savior Tower” which is the main tower with a through-passage on the eastern wall of the Moscow Kremlin, which overlooks the Red Square. At the same time, this tower is the pride of the people of Russia from past to present. The Spasskaya Tower was built in 1491 by an Italian architect Pietro Antonio Solari.

The design of this tower can make attention to the public, especially tourists who travel to Russia. It is because the red color used by the tower is very convenient and shows the uniqueness of this tower design.. You can see, the shape of roof almost identical as bricks set. But, while building the set, honestly it was very difficult to put roof on the set.

According to a number of historical accounts, the clock on the Spasskaya Tower appeared between 1491 and 1585. It is usually referred to as the Kremlin chimes (Кремлёвские куранты) and designates official Moscow Time. Moreover needle and numbers of clock on the mini-figures tower covered with gold like the real one.

In 1935, the Soviet government installed a red star instead of a two-headed eagle on top of the Spasskaya Tower. Unfortunately, this bricks got no eagle at the top and replaced by the star. The height of the tower with the star is 71 m. For this Lego compatible set, the height of the set is 56cm. Very spacious, if you want to put in the display cabinet. 🙂

To look more impressive, we have put a mini-figures from different sets to look alive. For me, this mini-figures have a good blend with the building seems as a one set.

While building the set, we quite impressed with the quality from Wange bricks. The bricks is well connected, and color is vibrant. Only certain part of is a bit loosen. with the mini-figures of this tower in front of our eyes, we can feel the uniquely human invention that is great in the past. Moreover needle and numbers of clock on the mini-figures tower covered with gold like the real one. As conclusion. This bricks set from Wange is really look like as real one, in the of structure, pattern and color.  We would recommend for you to buy it for those who are looking for great architecture Lego compatible bricks.



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