Star Wars Rebels Ezra’s Speeder Bike

Ezra’s Speeder Bike 

Ezra Speeder-12.jpg

But on his own customized speeder bike, the young rebel has a surprise in store! As they round a corner, Ezra slams on the brakes, and try to outmaneuver and sends Stormtrooper way from Sabine! Additional Stormtrooper just arrived on the scene!


This fun diorama set inspired by the Star Wars: Rebels animated TV series. Ezra’s Speeder Bike is a Star Wars set released in 2016 from BELA brands. The mini-figures initial set only contains Ezra, Sabine Wren and Stormtrooper. The Stormtrooper on his white speeder bike is hot on the heels of Ezra.

Ezra Speeder-6
Ezra Bridger in custom paint speeder and Sabine Wren in action

Ezra’s is Ezra is a human male who is long black hair, wears a dark orange undershirt with a dark tan vest. His legs are the same orange color as his arms, but they are printed with numerous guards and a belt. Sabine has earth blue hair and her torso is medium stone grey with light stone grey lines, along with dark red Mandalorian armor plates with bright orange and metalized silver detailing.

Ezra Speeder-20
White Imperial Speeder Bike
Ezra Speeder-10.jpg
Inquisitor head the hunt and accompanied by Imperial forces 

For more interesting things about Imperial Troop Transport is a 141 piece also from Star Wars Rebels Battle packs set released in January 2015. It includes 4 Storm troopers. It is based off a vehicle of the same name and is part of the TV series Star Wars Rebels Hunt down rebels with the Imperial Troop Transport battle pack.

Ezra Speeder-2
Additional extra 8 stormtrooper for backup with assorted weapon

See more pictures, see gallery below. Hope you like it.

Thanks for viewing this page. I hope that you will enjoy this diorama and be sure to check out my other post within Star Wars Rebels theme. To create this set, you guys need:

  • BELA 10365 (Imperial Troops Transport)
  • BELA 10369 Ezra’s Speeder Bike
  • White bricks



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