Super Battle Droid


Customize Super Battle Droid


The first Super Battle Droid was released from Lego was coloured metallic pearl blue.  Then, the new variant was metallic dark grey. Lego knock-out from SY brand also had been come out with grey variation. In this post, we will show you our MOC for Super Battle Droid color variants.


In Star Wars minifigures  (set number 9018) from Duo Le Pin Toys (DLP) brands, the mini-figures comes out with additional super battle droid. Each box contain extra one unit of Super Battle Droid, and from set of 8 mini-boxes, we got extra 8 Super Battle Droid. Unfortunately, the color is totally different. It made of from glow in the dark plastic material. But, during the day time, it is awful and looks strange.


So, the solution is, we re-painting back the set by using air brush set. Below are our customization variant.

CC Droid 10024.jpg

The most left picture above shows the original color of super battle droids. The rest color is after re-painting with new color. We had try several color combination for this projects, such as black+gold, black+gold+bronze+silver, and bronze+black.

Triple color combination black+gold+bronze+silver

The color look totally nice, and the mini-figures look expensive.


For me, black+gold variant is the most impressive color combination. Looks rich and elegant.


So, at the end,  we made several mini-figures with black and gold color for most of it.



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