Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype

TIE Advanced Prototype

Imperial Tie Fighter 9.jpg
Tie advanced prototype top secret project team. Agent Kallus as testing pilot. 

Rebels spotted from air. Hunt down rebels on planet Lothal by using the experimental TIE Advanced Prototype as featured in Star Wars: Rebels animated TV series. The Inquisitor’s new top secret starship is packed with advanced technology, that improved and upgrades from TIE Fighter.


New advance TIE fighter from BELA 10373 upgrades with new features such as like folding wings for flight, landing modes and 2 spring-loaded shooters. The set also includes 3 minifigures The Inquisitor, a TIE Fighter Pilot and an Imperial Officer.

An opening and closing ability top hatch to load Inquisitor in the Tie fighter.

Imperial Tie Fighter 46.jpg
Additional Imperial forces with their rangking officers. 2 stormtrooper stand guard near the Tie fighter.

The other war machines that includes in the pictures namely;  The Imperial Troops Transport (ITT) and Imperial Speeder

The The Imperial Troops Transport (ITT)

The Imperial Speeder

More pictures of Tie advance fighter

Set to build details:
BELA 10373 TIE Advanced Prototype
BELA 10365 Imperial Troops Transport
BELA 10369 Ezra’s Speeder Bike (Imperial Speeder)



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