Printed Plates

Erasing logo printed on small plates


Since a lot of knock off Lego brands come out, a lot of difference printed plates design had been introduce. All bootlegs brands such as SY, XINH, CB, LAGO, DLP, Elephants, Bella and SL toys and etc come out with logo printed plates. Fortunately, some of the design and printed quality is totally bad and look worse, cheap and bad.

Some guys, tends to display mini-figures collection with those plates. But, the repetitive printed looks awful and become worse if mix with different brands. Thus, even when you arrange it properly, the set does not seems harmony and nice.


The three common types of plates that usually produced by bootlegs brands. Some brands like Decool and XINH do not have their brands printed on the plates. Only Decool that come out as same as original Lego plates, same size with no printed logo. So, you are lucky if got these types of plates. You can even use it as a part of bricks for your own MOC.


But for SY brands, their designer is so creative and able to produce rotating plates. The minifigures attach on it can able to rotate in 360 degrees. The plate design that I hate most.

Erasing the logo

Due to awful looks due to printed logo, several chemical can be used in order to remove the logo. Those chemical below can be used to wipe out the logo. But not so clean. Some will tend to left a bit smear and cloudy gray color on the black plates.

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-10 at 09.55.52.jpeg

Nail polish remover – But for high quality such as SY is required a lot of liquid and strength (most preferred)

Autosol – Widely used in shining or polishing metal. Can be used for low quality printed plates.

Acetone – Most powerful cleaner, can remove anything printed, but will left a smear on the plates.

So, since it come out with the mini figures (means FREE) you can try it by your own. The risk is on you. Please careful when dealing with Acetone.



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