Re-purpose Base Plate

Re-purpose Base Plate


Have you wondered what to do with tons of extra mini plates especially if you are the mini-figures collectors maniacs? One set of bootlegs usually consist of mini figures, accessories and base plates. So, for mini figures collectors means a lots of plates as side buy. We can re-purpose it into such amazing display set.


In previous post, I had wrote about erasing the logo printed plates. It was a tired and sophisticated and also time consuming projects. Here, is new IDEA that can be use to re-purpose the tone of base plates with extremely low budget.


Base plates – Free
Super glue – RM2
Electrical tapes (black/blue/red) – RM2
Frame Canvas – RM2
Old Cardboard – Free
Bootleg box – Free
Total spending : RM6



Attach 7 base plates side by side by using super glue. Let it dry for a while. I’m using 7 base plates because of the size of frame I acquired. You must consider the suitable length of base plates to be used suitable with frame. Then, by using scissors, tapes was cut properly with precise size to paste it on printed logo, in purpose to hide it.


See picture above, the end result after tapes application and ready to be glue on cardboard. See the extra hexagonal bricks? The additional hexagonal shape was used to cover the hole after removing the rotating part of SY special issues brands (see below).


Gallery Wrapped Canvas Option Example

Next, canvas picture with frame value only RM2 and can get from RM2 store. To get frame for mini-figures, remove the canvas from main frame, and attach it with cardboard. May use stapler gun for instant stick.

Later, glue mini-figures plate that had been prepared before to the frame. Arrange it properly so that the line is align with frame. For decoration, I used extra pictures taken from bootleg box and paste it into frame. Then, apply suitable additional bricks to attach mini figures.


Finally, the mini figures display by using printed base plate with canvas frame. Look neat and nice. The black tapes covered well and blend harmony with the set.


The other type of base plate. To look more cheerful, I’m using different color of tapes. Just want to add different set with new style. It will be look better if can apply varnish the wood frame. Since, the budget is extremely low, thus it will be like that a while. 🙂




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