UCS Millennium Falcon Display

UCS Millennium Falcon Display

Last month, one of the biggest Ultimate Collection Series (UCS) have been arrive in Malaysia market, the LEPIN 05033 UCS Millennium Falcon. This set is the knock-off version from the LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Edition Millennium Falcon which had been released in 2007. This set second largest set ever produced by LEGO with over 5000 bricks after LEGO’s Taj Mahal in at almost 6,000 pieces. So far, this is the largest set ever produced by LEPIN.


You click here to see the UCS Millennium Falcon set review

The finished model is over 83 cm length, 25 cm tall and over 60 width, making it an imposing model to say the least.  The set is amazingly huge and big set and weighing nearly 10 kg.

But, in this post I’ll not do a review on this set, but just will share the idea on how displaying this huge model due to its huge size. Some of the pictures below, I took from various website within the net. The images are credited to their owner.

Coffee table 


This picture show the creativity of the owner to integrate Lego bricks into home decoration. Due to large size of the set and occupy a lot of spaces, the owner had done customize glass coffee table. The Lego sealed completely inside the glass coffee table and look awesome. Everyday can absolutely enjoying a UCS Millennium Falcon while having a cup of coffee or tea in living room.

Other customize table design to display UCS Millennium Falcon


Some extreme idea on how to display  UCS Millennium Falcon. The genius was using TV bracke, t L-shape metal brackets, and Lego pieces to display the Lego Millennium Falcon in a truly unique way.  From the video I can see it so sophisticated to mount it on wall. You can watch here how to mount the set to the wall.  Anyway, this is absolutely genius.

Acrylic display case

This is a large flat-packed display case, made from 3 mm thick clear acrylic. It requires assembly by screwing together the front, back acrylic panels with the sides and top, using 16 screws provided. The top is secured to the rest of the case, which rests on the base. But this set is from oversea. You can click here to buy it.

All the pictures above was credited to their owner. If you do not wish the pictures published in this website please do not hesitate to email us and will be removed.



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