Imperial Army Music Class

Imperial Army Music Class


Yesterday, I got a lot of feedback and compliment regarding this previous post, The Imperial Army Music Band. Lots of them asking the details of the band, because they want to see the details of the MOC itself. For those are new, MOC is stand for “My Own Creation”. Here, we upload several close up pictures for each part of the musical instrument that was built for this music band. Once again, we not selling this set, we just show you what you can do with limited bricks to form a nice and marvelous MOC. Some of my friend said, looks alive!!! Thank you boss!!! And also, we do not sell it. We sells the ideas.

The Drummer

Only need one not-so-big plate as a base. The drummer set is complicated a little bit especially to find a way to put two blue drum to that style.

The Violinist

The most difficult music instrument to build (for me). Two types of piano. The red-brownish and gray is difficult to build compared to white. I miss the picture that includes the musical note book stand.

The Guitarist

The easiest musical instrument (guitar) that can be build by minimum set of bricks. Only 4 types of different bricks.

The Pianist

For piano, it not-so-easy to build, but I hope you can manage it. Just add another additional glass and flower to make it look wonderful.

The Vocalist


For our beloved Darth Vader, please add microphone, speaker and mini stage for Vader to make him happy and continuing to be part of the band!.


Then, to make it complete set, you can build additional light system, bass guitar box, and musical book note.



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