Shadow Frame Ribba

Customize Ribba frame

Utilizing base plates that comes within mini-figures set

There are several ways in using Ribba frame to display your beloved mini-figures set. But for us, we always find the cheapest way to make sure your hobby is within you budget. However by utilizing base plate that comes with mini-figures set, can save a lots of money. The cost only will be on polystyrene, which is so cheaper compared to Lego bricks.

Types of style in displaying mini-figures using Ribba frame

  1. Base plate+bricks


For this style, base plate is needed and also extra brick to put mini-figures stick to its base. Base plate must customized to the frame size. Very difficult to cut base plate if did not find the correct and suitable size to the frame.

2. 2X2 Bricks

Usually, these are the most suitable brick size that used to customized mini-figures display. The 2×2 bricks and white slope inverted 45 degress 2×2 bricks (color may differ)

For this styles of display, the accuracy of your eyes is most important. You must able to align the bricks properly before glue it to the background. Very difficult to make it center while working with the super glue. The good is, you can design the background with your style of imagination. With suitable background, it will make the set become more real due to the theme was incorporated.

3. Mini base plate.

For most bootleg or knock-off Lego mini figures, the set consist of  base plates. It was called the Mini Figure Stand or Minifigures Series Base . Usually Black 1X4 small particles brick. P1080072XXX.jpg

By using  base plates as template, polystyrene was cut so that the width of polystyrene is same as base plates. Then, was glue in a form of rack, but still a measurement is needed for correct length before gluing into rack.. At the end, you can easily put the mini-figures on the base plate stand and arrange it. It also very easy to remove or replace with other mini-figures. By using rack-style, it is not suitable to put a background.


Customize frame by putting all mini-figures inside the box. Looks like they (mini-figures) having a private display space for each of them.

The pictures are belong to the owner. If you did not want the picture inside this webpage, just email us. Thank you.



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