AT-DP and Imperial Troops Transport

AT-DP and Imperial Troops Transport 

AT-DP X.jpg
AT-DP and Imperial Troops Transport as featured in Star Wars Rebels Season 1

Patrol the streets of Capital City in the twin-legged AT-DP military walker and backup troops with the Imperial Troop Transport (ITT)! Rebels have been reported in the area, so jump into the AT-DP cockpit, close the hatch, and get ready to escort Agent Kallus and Inquisitor as they go in search of rebels.

AT-DP 2.jpg

The theme was released as part of the Star Wars: Rebels TV series. These sets above are from set produced by BELA. Two sets, namely BELA 10365 (Imperial Troops Transport) and BELA 10376 (AT-DP ) sets. These two sets look marvelous when combines together to show the greatness Imperial forces. No one brave enough to stand up against the endless Stormtroopers and machines of the Empire in the Imperial-controlled planet Lothal!

AT-DP 9.jpg

The main character are Agent Kallus and the Inquisitor. There also 1 Stormtrooper (Rebels variant) captain, 8 Stormtroopers and 2 AT-DP pilot. See the more pictures of Imperial forces.

All Terrain Defense Pod (AT-DP)

BELA 10376 (AT-DP)

All Terrain Defense Pod (AT-DP) was a bipedal Imperial walker and armed with a single Maad-38 heavy laser cannon. The cockpit had seating for a driver and a gunner, with the gunner situated behind the driver. The set consist of Agent Kallus, Stormtrooper, AT-DP Pilot 2× and AT-DP machine.

The Imperial Troops Transport (ITT)


The Imperial Troopz Transport (ITT), also known as an RTT or Recon transport, was a boxy repulsorcraft used by the Galactic Empire. It was used to either move Imperial stormtroopers in, or to move prisoners out.  The maximum Stormtrooper can be carry is 4×.

More pictures of Imperial Troops Transport below:

Set to build details:

  • BELA 10365 (Imperial Troops Transport)
  • BELA 10376 (AT-DP )



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