Star Wars Rogue One Dargo-POGO

Star Wars Rogue One Dargo-POGO (LEGO Knock-off)

Rogue One minifigures from POGO brands. From left, Baze, Moff Tarkin, Darth Vader, Orson Krennic, Chirrut. Front line, Death, Scariff trooper and Hovertank pilot.

Due to the latest new Star Wars movie – Rogue One, I had managed to get new mini-figures based on that movie. Currently only 2 brands that come out with the mini-figures which are POGO and Dargo brands. So, this time we will do a review and comparison between these brands.

For this comparison, we will only compare for each of them that both have come out with same mini figures. For each pictures below LEFT is POGO brands and Dargo is RIGHT.

Orson Krennic

For Krennic character, both brands has different hair and face expression. The torso printing is good in the front, but Dargo is less unclear compare to POGO. The cape quality is good and same as the Original LEGO.

Death Trooper

Death trooper Pauldron from POGO has a printed on it, but Dargo just empty black – what a waste! Also, there is no printing on the left helmet. The shape of the head do not looks identical for both brands. Dargo printed look more clear for front and back torso with more bold line.

Hovertank Pilot

For Hovertank pilot -Dargo did not has printing on the left and right helmet, and both helmet shape is different. POGO printed look more clear for front and back torso but the details is bad, a bit smear.

Scarif Trooper

For Dargo brand, the Scarif trooper is a worst among all Rogue One Star Wars mini-figures, and totally unacceptable. Wrong hand color, instead of grey, they using black color. Dargo brand did not has printing on the left and right helmet. Torso color that have been printed is blue instead of grey (Original LEGO).

Baze Malbus

For Dargo brand, they provided weapons that are totally different, but POGO almost similar to original Lego. Printed torso is good, more clear, bold but a bit shiny compare to POGO. The POGO’s hair design is better and close to Original LEGO.

Chirrut Imwe

For Dargo brand, the eyes design is look bigger than POGO which is ugly, and different from LEGO. Other than that, Dargo come out with different weapons, hair, torso printing, and waistcape.

In conclusion, POGO minifigures quality almost same as Original LEGO. For those who is a collector, POGO brand is a good choice and totally cheaper than original.



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