Star Wars Rogue One – Dargo

Star Wars Rogue One Mini figures Dargo

The advertisement for Dargo brand Rogue One Star Wars

Knock-off Lego brands that come out with Rogue one minifigures. Six different packages and each consist of two minifigures.

Whole set of Dargo brand. Front line (from left), Tactical droid, K-2S0, Baze, Chirrut, Super battle droid. Back (from left), Shore trooper, Krennic, Death trooper and Hovertank Pilot.

Rogue One Mini-figures

Orson Krennic

The hair and face is a little weird, color of hair and shape not same as original. The torso print is good, but using a lot of light silver refection ink.

Chirrut Imwe

The hair design and eye is slightly different from original. The both eyes are too big. Weapons is totally different from Lego. Torso printing is quite good, but different design. The lower waist cape design is not the same as original.

Baze Malbus

Face printing and expression is almost same as LEGO. Torso printing is very good but quite dark in color. Weird weapons and totally out.

Death Trooper

Torso printing is superb. Helmet shape and printing is okay, but only complete in front. No printing in left side. The pauldron is wihout any printing.

Shore Trooper

Really bad printing in torso. Wrong color for left arm. Helmet shape and printing is good.

Hover Tank Pilot

Printing is quite smear and not accurate. Helmet shape is okay but the printing is not so good.

K-2S0 Droid

Same shape as Lego, but no imperial logo printed at the shoulder. An extra set of K2S0, tactical droid and battle droid.

dargo tactical.jpg
Tactical Droid

Not same as the picture on the box and advertisement. No printed part on tactical droid, just dark blue for whole body.

dargo super droid.jpg
Super Battle Droid

On contrary, there are additional battle droid, I do not know where the shape is coming, but include within the set. Did not see it in the movie.

These set is not come out with the most important character in Rogue One, No Jyn Erso, Captain Cassian Andor, Bodhi Rook, and Darth Vader!!! What a mess. The must include Darth Vader mini-figures at least!

For those who are looking for average quality of Rogue One mini-figures, this set is quite a worth to buy. The printing quality is not so bad, and still can be acceptable. But really worth with the money if looking for quantity rather than quality. You will get 12 mini-figures. But of course, half of it is droid. A consideration should be made if you are very details in the printing part. My suggestion is, you can buy it for your children to play on. The ORIGINAL Lego or POGO brand can be keep in the storage.



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