Star Wars Rogue One LEGO & Bootleg

Star Wars Rogue One LEGO & Bootleg



Rogue One LEGO minifigures – under Rogue One theme

In this picture, there are officially 21 mini-figures that had been come out under Lego Group for Rogue One Star Wars theme. Most of them are totally new and some that we have seen before. I might  missing a few, but a bit surprise that there was not Darth Vader  (most iconic) mini-figures. They must be expecting the Lego admirer or collector have been having previous mini-figures characters which had been come out before – The Stormtrooper!

For bootleg or knock-off Lego set, just a few had been reproduce to imitate Lego  under few brands. So, below are currently the mini-figures which had been reproduce.

All of the mini-figures produce by POGO brands. But Lego did not come out Darth Vader, Moff Tarkin and Strormtrooper mini-figures under Rogue One theme.
Admiral Ackbar, Jyn Erso (different variation from LEGO) and Cassian Endor produced by XINH brand. K-2S0 by Dargo and others by POGO brands. But still do not have Leia mini-figures under Rogue One theme.
Tie Pilot

The Tie Pilot from SY205A from Sheng Yuan brand also same torso design come out for Rogue one theme. The different is the additional strip in the front of the helmet.



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