Star Wars Chrome Minifigures Series

LEGO Star Wars Chrome Mini-figure (Limited Edition)


POGO brand has come out with most exciting mini-figures – the chrome set. For LEGO original these sets are truly expensive items and difficult to get it in which is the The Darth Vader – Black Chrome and Storm-trooper – Silver.

The Darth Vader – Black Chrome and Stormtrooper – Silver Chrome


So, lets see the set from POGO brand. Unfortunately, I do not have original LEGO to compare, but just compare by using original Lego pictures from web. Below are pictures from POGO brands. PG-802 (Darth Vader) and PG-801 (Imperial Stormtrooper).

Pictures from POGO for advertisement. Almost identical to Lego pictures in Lego official website.

Actual picture taken- compare with picture from Lego (left)

The printing quality from POGO is superb, only a little bit dot on the torso, near the neck. I do not know why, but seems they put it purposely. The cape quality is almost same as original. Lego only come out with normal lighsaber – not chrome lightsaber. For POGO  brand, additional lightsaber chrome can be ask for additional price.


For POGO brand, stormtrooper chrome printed a little bit problem. Printed details easily getting scratch and should handle carefully – but the chrome plating is good. The set come with additional normal black blaster same as Lego version.

The Humanoid Protocol Droid TC-14 (Silver Chrome) and C-3P0 (Gold Chrome)

Two sets of chrome series from Lego version that most identical to POGO – Star Wars TC-14 Droid, Silver Chrome and Star Wars The Force Awakens C-3PO Droid, Gold Chrome. For Lego version that has same torso design as PG-637, is not chrome plating set, only gold in color (see comparison picture).

For POGO, they come out with two sets of humanoid protocol droid which are  PG-638 Silver Chrome TC-14 and PG-637 Gold Chrome C-3PO.


For POGO, PG-637 chrome is made for C-3PO and Lego only come out with chrome version for C-3P0 for The Force Awakens (red arm). The torso design for POGO is superb and no problem with printed and chrome plating quality. For TC-14, POGO brands – the torso almost look identical with original. Only the eyes color for POGO is a little bit brighter (less orange) compare to Lego version.

Related image

LEGO Star Wars Star Wars The Force Awakens C-3PO Droid Gold Chrome and Gold color.



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