Battle Droid Customize

Battle Droid Customize

Battle droid assembly army. Picture taken from panekproductions 2016

Care to build a large of battle droid army? Regular battle droid can easily get from Lego knock-off set. But, how bout different type of droids? With some parts from extra bricks, we can customize to create additional battle droid mini-figures. Extra effort such as new color to the mini figures, makes your collection set is super awesome.


Regular battle droid are usually without backpack. You can customize of regular battle droid with additional bag-pack and customize blaster to make it look from different units. New type of blaster can also be created. Look at the picture above.


An Elite Assassin Droid, in some cases just referred to as an Assassin Droid, was a minifigure of an IG-series Assassin Droid from the Star Wars universe. It is a model of sentinel droids designed to act as bodyguards or security droids, however were often also used as assassins.


Commando Droids are had infiltration software installed, and were also built to be faster, stronger. It able to take more damage than an average battle droid. Droid commandos were able to effectively use several weapons and tools, including fusioncutters, stun batons, and sniper rifles.

With additional bricks and part of the droid, we can create new types of droid. The ASP Droid is made of six parts. The build is almost identical to a Battle Droid, but is different colours and with a different head.


FA-4, also referred to as Dooku’s Pilot Droid, is a minifigure based on the droid from the Star Wars universe. One such droid was the personal pilot of Count Dooku’s Solar Sailer.





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