Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Detention Block Rescue Set

Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Detention Block Rescue Set

The most exclusive model that can only be obtained at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. This set consist of 220 pieces and will cost you $40. The set contains Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in their Stormtrooper disguises in a mission to rescue Princess Leia. But, person need to enter the raffle ahead of time (THURSDAY April 6th 2017) at 12:01am EST to try and win a ticket to buy it. In this celebration only this exclusive Detention Block Rescue will be available in LEGO booth.


This set looks awesome! But it is too bad it’s only available to buy at the Lego booth during the Star Wars Celebration Orlando convention and with $40. There are some sellers in Ebay that also try to sell it online but with very high price. I do not know if the price is worthy with the set or not.

Price in Ebay. Some is selling their precious set.

Detention Block Rescue Digital Sketch

Picture taken from internet. The sketch based on set.

Fortunately, in cengkihcendana it seems to be relatively easy to build it, and we manage to finish it as close as the set. If you able to get the instruction, you can build by yourself. Just email us if you are interested to build the set and we can send the instruction via email. At the time while post is still in writing, it is very difficult to find the instruction. We cannot put in this website due to its copyright. Let be clear, our set is not original, the bootleg, whatever they called it.

Luke Skywalker and Han Solo Mini-figures

Detention Block_-29.jpg

So, the first important items is the mini-figures, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in their Stormtrooper disguises.

Detention Block Rescue.jpg
The comparison between two sets. Left is original set and left is our MOC.

By referring exactly the instructions from the booklet, you will be able to remodel it into the original design. Here, we only used limited bricks and cost us nothing. Also, we are using different colors and type but try to copy the original. So, the result might be slightly different, especially with additional tiles to make it tidy looks. You can see other pictures below.





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