Display case with RIBBA

DIY Lego mini-figures display case with RIBBA

This is the easiest Minifigures display ever to be built by using the IKEA RIBBA frame. With this creative layout, you can change the minifigures types as you wish if you feel bored with the existence one. All you’ll need is RIBBA Frame, plate and your favorite minifigures. No cutting required, and everything can be done in a couples of minutes.


1x Ribba 25cm x 25cm frame (buy here)
1x Lego 16×16 baseplate (buy here)
up to 8 of your favorite minifigures
enough Lego 2×2 plates for your minifigures
and masking tape or another adhesive

Here is the steps below:


  1. Remove the back of the frame and white passe-partout (the cardboard with the square hole)
  2. Center the baseplate on the back of the whitepasse-partout and secure with the tape (you’ll end up with a usable space of 14×14)
  3. Attach the 2×2 plates to the feet of the minifigs
  4. Insert the 2×2 plates between the rows of the baseplate to your liking (2×3 or 2×4 works well)
  5. Place it into the frame, secure the back plate

That’s all there is to it, your very own Lego wall art. Read more.



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