Iron man Laboratory Version 3.0

Iron man Laboratory Version 3.0


This is not from original LEGO set. This picture I got it from one of my customer. This set build is actually a revised version and upgraded from SY305 Iron man Laboratory set. The minifigures includes Tony Stark / Iron Man, Pepper Potts, Lt. Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Obadiah Stane,  Ivan Vanko and Mandarin and customs Iron man Minifigures.

 To built this huge set, she required two sets of SY305, SY304, SY303, minifigures sets, minifigures display sets and 3 of 32X16 plates. She took almost 4 hours to built it with big determination! Superb! Check the gallery below.

 You can produce and build this huge marvelous set at only RM216 or USD55. Pretty cheap huh? When you get creative with bricks, sky is the limit. Cheers!!!

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